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Here are your 2 search results for Spa Tours in Lithuania


SPA WEEKEND LITHUANIA - Vilnius, Lithuania

Duration: 4 days
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

From USD

Spend amazing weekend discovering Lithuanian history, culture & relaxing in

one of the oldest SPA resorts – Birstonas ( 1,5 h drive from Vilnius). Birstonas is famous for drinking mineral water, baths, mud treatment facilities and sanatoriums ... More info ›

Spend amazing weekend discovering Lithuanian history, culture & relaxing in

one of the oldest SPA resorts – Birstonas ( 1,5 h drive from Vilnius). Birstonas is famous for drinking mineral water, baths, mud treatment facilities and sanatoriums. The latter apply methods and techniques with mineral water

and therapeutic mud, to overcome various deseases and to help anyone to get rid of emotional and physical exhaustion. Especially gentle air of Birstonas, surrounded by forests and meanders of Nemunas, has positive impact on the body and works as huge inhaler.

Day 1 Arrival  to  Vilnius airport. Private  transfer  to  the hotel “Amberton” or similar. Accommodation. 2h. tour in Historical Old Town of Vilnius: Cathedral and it’s square, Gediminas Castle, Pilies street with the 16-18th century historical and architectural monuments, Gothic corner of Vilnius with The Church of St. Anne and The Church of St Francis and St Bernardino (Bernardine Church), former Town Hall square, the The Gates of Dawn with miraculous icon of Virgin Mary. Overnight. 

Day 2 Morning departure to Trakai (28 km from Vilnius). Trakai - the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.  Visit the 15th century Insular Trakai Castle housing an exhibition on prehistoric findings and applied art of 17-18th century, learn about the way of life of the Lithuanian Grand Dukes, and the Karaites, brought to Lithuania from the Crimean Peninsular. Lunch in traditional Karaites’ restaurant. Trip to one of the biggest open air museums in Europe – Rumsiskes, where you will see collection of authentic houses from all ethnographic regions of Lithuania. Here is authentic Lithuanian sauna located. 3 h. program, during which you discover local sauna rituals, traditions is waiting for you. Relax your body & soul. Afterwards drive to Birstonas for overnight. 4* hotel “Royal SPA residence” or similar. 


Day 3 Full day to enjoy SPA activities and discover peaceful resort on your own. The list of SPA activities to choose from:

Day 4 Private transfer to Vilnius airport. End of the tour. Departure. 

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De-Stress in Wild Beaches (7 Days)

De-Stress in Wild Beaches (7 Days) - Vilnius, Lithuania

Duration: 7 days
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

From USD

No hurry. Fresh air. Calmness of our wild beaches ... More info ›

No hurry. Fresh air. Calmness of our wild beaches. You.

This tour is not about running from place to place and crossing out the must see's from your list. It is a week length experience to feel the pace of no hurry locals, to breath fresh air in our vast countryside and enjoy calmness of our wild beaches. This is the best place on Earth for us. Expect to meet local fishermen and learn about their lifestyle, try our local specialties coming straight from the people who make it.

Day 1. Hello and let's go

We will pick you from Vilnius and take on a 3 hours drive through one of the most picturesque roads of Lithuania – also called road of castles. We will stop in one of them and continue to a cozy local homestead where warm dinner will be waiting for you. Get accustomed to the place.

Day 2. The path for birds

On the second day we will explore the local villages on the continental part of the Curonian lagoon. Visit the ornithology station in Vente where one of the biggest bird migratory path crosses. Climb the lighthouse and enjoy the views of the vast wilderness.

Day 3. Day for a nature or... an adventure?

Third day is dedicated for nature. In the first half of the day you will visit one of the most picturesque walking trails going through a protected swamp. Learn about the uniqueness and fragility of the surrounded nature. In the afternoon you can have relaxed time around the home, or explore the surroundings more and rent a boat or kayak and go paddling in the river. For the evening we have the best recommendation for you – try our local sauna – pure relaxation is guaranteed (OPPTIONAL).

Day 4. Yes, it's a trip to paradise

This day you will explore another paradise on the other side of the lagoon. If the weather allows – you will take a boat across the Curonian lagoon and just in a couple of hours you will be admiring white sand dunes and thick pine forests in Nida – a small resort town that used to be a fishermen village just some decades ago. If the weather is not good for sailing – you will reach Nida by land and visit other village of Juodrkrante on the way. Make sure you will taste local smoked fish straight from the smokery.

Day 5. Fish trail and joy of tastes

This day you will get to know more about the life and crafts of local people while joining the educational program – 'Fish trail'. You will become familiar with the history of fishing in the Curonian Lagoon, the fishermen‘s lifestyle and the peculiarities of shipbuilding. You will enjoy and taste a unique fish soup and some delicious fish dishes prepared for you by the people of Dreverna.

Day 6. Meet our beautiful port city

It's time to explore a bit more of Lithuanian coastal towns. You will start with Klaipeda – the only seaport town in Lithuania, which is also the third biggest city. Explore it's cozy old town, learn about it's history and culture and continue to Palanga – another resort town that is usually called summer capital of Lithuania. Visit unique Amber museum and find out about the importance of this jewel for Lithuanians.

Day 7. See you next time in Paradise!

Last day is for travelling back to Vilnius and saying goodbyes. But just till the next time!

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